The Functional Phyzio Difference


Our mission is to bridge the gap between pelvic floor treatment, orthopedic physical therapy and exercise 

This means we take an orthopedic perspective to pelvic floor treatment by not only assessing and treating pelvic floor dysfunction, but also taking into account the bigger picture of how your body moves and functions as a whole. We also don't ignore the pelvic floor when it comes it treating the rest of the body. 

The pelvic floor is not separate from the rest of the body, so it shouldn't be treated that way. 



While treatment may need to start on the table, it certainly isn't going to end there. You have things to do and a life to live. We incorporate hands on treatment with full body, functional movement patterns that mimic your everyday activities so that you can get out pain and get back to that activities you love. 


The Functional Phyzio Promise...

 At Functional Phyzio we promise…

  • To value your time. You'll be seen on time, every time.

  • To be 100% transparent. You will never get a surprise bill from us 3 months later, as is very common with other physical therapy practices.

  • To provide one on one care. for the full visit, every visit. You will be taken through your unique, individualized plan of care directly by your doctor, not a rehab tech in college or front desk personnel.

  • To educate you. Our experts give you the knowledge to take an active role in your health and life. 

 Functional Phyzio Core Values

Integrity: We value doing the right thing, being honest, and having strong moral principle in every situation.

Honesty: We will always be open, honest, and communicate clearly in all aspects of our interactions.

Leadership: We practice what we preach, and lead by example. We regularly participate in our preferred style of exercise and physical activity.