Maintaining Mobility During the Holidays

The Holidays are coming up, and with them, long car rides, flights, dinners ‘round the table, and hopefully an abundance of good food. It can be hard to maintain your workout routine with the chaos of everyday life, and I think everyone knows it feels especially difficult to get to the gym during the winter holidays; everyone seems intent of making them jam packed with love and gatherings.

But we don’t want to lose our progress, or forget our bodies during this time. I know it may seem hard during these busy next few weeks to keep up with your regular exercise, or fitting it all in, so I wanted to offer a few suggestions to help you enjoy the holidays with a little more ease and comfort in your body.

If you’re traveling,

1) Bring a lacrosse ball or tennis ball with you! These are small but mighty in their impact on your movement, and easily fit in a backpack, jacket pocket, and don’t take up much space at your in-laws.

2) Pack some resistance bands! These light weight elastic bands are easily stowed in luggage, and can be wrapped around banisters, in door jams, or your significant other (if they’re willing to hold the other end!), to help bring the gym with you anywhere you go.

3) Communicate that you have movement goals with the people around you! Some of us can feel ashamed for taking care of ourselves, or feel that it might be ‘weird’ to get down on the floor and stretch during family gatherings. So, do the work of setting the expectations. Tell your friends and family that you’re working on taking care of your body and might engage in stretching or whatever mobility routine that works for you during the time you’re together. This removes the stigma, and gives you permission to take care of you. And, who knows! They might even join you, and you start a new family tradition.

4) Utilize Movement Snacking for daily maintenance. The same way our belly needs to be fed on a regular basis, our body needs movement on a regular basis. Workouts are our regular, sustainable “meals,” that take up more time and meet more of our needs. But what about movement snacking? Light movements that can help satiate us until we have more time and tools, but keep us (and our bodies) from getting cranky.

Guiding Principles of Movement Snacking:

· Every hour, get up and move! This could be a short walk, going up and down a flight of stairs.

· Pick something that takes 5 minutes or less, so it feels easy to fit in.

· Pick something that feels mostly enjoyable, or you know will make you feel better after. This is a practice for taking care of you, after all!

· Go for gentle-ness; these should have some challenge, but they should feel good. No need to go for big muscle burn here (unless you want to get competitive with your in-laws In that case, be sure to warm up more first!)

Examples of easy exercises to incorporate

I’ve included below some light 'movement snacks' that you can incorporate while traveling, in hotel rooms, on the floor at Grandma's & in the living room while you’re with cousins and extended family.


- Neck Circles

- Chin Tucks

- Lacrosse Ball to Traps


- Side Lying Arm Circles

- PVC Pass Through

- Lacrosse Ball to Lats

- Banded Pull Aparts


- 90/90 Shin Box

- Lacrosse Ball to Glutes

- Half Kneeling Psoas Lunge

- Bretzel


- Lacrosse Ball to Bottom of Foot

- Calf Stretch at the Wall

- Inversion/Eversion Walks

P.S. If you have any injuries or issues you are dealing with that are keeping you from reaching your goals CONTACT US today to learn more about how we can help!

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