I want to lose weight and get fit; is PT the right fit for me?

The last two years have been anything but normal, and many of my clients come to me saying that their gym routine hasn't been the same. It's harder to workout, it's harder to get to the gym, they've taken time off and feel weaker, they injured themselves and haven't gotten back into it-- the list goes on.

How can a PT help me with my fitness goals?

It can be incredibly hard to know where to start when it comes to approaching fitness from a new place, and we as Physical Therapists pride ourselves in being movement experts that can teach you how to move so you get results faster and without risk of injury. Physical Therapy is a Doctorate Degree; we have spent years learning the depths of the human body, and we are movement specialists in preventing injury, treating it when it's already occurred, and rehabing you until you're stronger than ever before.

At Functional Phyzio, we'll start with getting to know you, and know your body. We'll dive into your movement history and your previous injuries so we understand the foundation you're working with, and any cracks that might already be there.

During your time with us, we'll start addressing those foundational cracks and weaknesses in your movement patterns with tailored exercises and hands on assistance to re-train your brain and your body.

We're going to empower you to understand how to workout, when, and why, so that when you hit the gym without us, you know exactly how to take care of yourself, target the muscles you need (bigger biceps, bigger butts, a strong core, you name it), and prevent injury.

I need help losing weight, is PT the right fit for me?

We help people every day move better, with less pain, and build muscle. The old adage that cardio is the way to lose weight no longer holds true. Recent evidence suggests that it's strength training and the accumulation of lean muscle mass that really helps burn excess body fat, keeping you trim, and keeping you functional.

Would it be easier for you to workout, stay fit, and stay active if your body didn't ache, your joints didn't hurt, your back wasn't spasming, if you understood what was happening in your body?

As Physical Therapists, we're more than qualified to help take down your pain, improve your confidence, and support you in being as capable as you want to be. Weight loss and lean muscle gain will be the side effects of becoming stronger and more capable in your body.

Ready to get started? Contact ustoday to set up your evaluation so we can help you meet your fitness goals!

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