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Get back to the activities and workouts you love, pain free

Do you find yourself struggling with?

  • Low Back, hip or knee Pain 

  • Rotator Cuff Injuries 

  • Muscle Strains 

  • Pelvic Pain 

  • Leaking or Incontinence 

  • Headaches & Migraines

  • Disc issues

  • Postpartum Recovery


At Functional Phyzio we know how important it is to stay active and how frustrating it can be when pain or dysfunction keeps you from doing the things you love. 

We're a performance based physical therapy clinic, focused on helping adults move better, stay active and live pain free


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Our 3 step process



We spend quality time getting to know you and your story to uncover the root cause of your symptoms so we can create a plan with you at the center. 



Pain and symptoms are of the past as we build up your strength, movement and mechanics in ways that mimic your sports and activities.



We ensure you have the knowledge and tools you need to stay pain and symptom free and continue the activities and workouts you love for life. 

Don't delay your life, get back to the activities you love.

What Our Patients Are Saying...

As a fitness trainer, I’ve worked with multiple PT’s over the course of my career. Norah works along side you to determine the best treatment plan for your needs. As a mom, I would highly recommend her for pre and postnatal concerns. She is also wonderful for athletes and other fitness enthusiasts who want to continue or get back to a pain free lifestyle. Highly recommend Norah!"

Stephenie F. 

"Back in 2019 I injured my lower back while lifting..This pain lasted for nearly two years. Norah helped me understand the pressure & tension I was putting on my lower back when . She helped me pinpoint areas of weakness in my core, which significantly diffused the pain as I began to utilize the knowledge in my exercises. I no longer worry about my back hurting"

Shanna S.

Norah worked with me in a way that met my needs as an individual. I didn’t feel like just another patient. I had extreme back pain that grew over many years. Within a few weeks I didn’t have any pain!  I had seen other PTs in the past with no change in my pain level. So I was incredibly grateful for Norah’s expertise and guidance back to a healthy quality of life.

Jillian R.

The Functional Phyzio Difference 

You’re tired of being stopped from doing the activities you love by pain. Maybe you’ve had a nagging injury that simply won’t heal or perhaps your body hasn’t felt the same since you had kids.

At Functional Phyzio, our mission is to bridge the gap between physical therapy and exercise.

This means we not only treat your pain, but take into account the bigger picture of how your body moves.

We believe rehab needs to mimic your everyday life and activities and help you build functional strength that translates to real life.


Whether you are into CrossFit, bootcamp, yoga, running or simply just keeping up with the kids, your body is made to move and we help you keep it moving.

Isn't it time to get back to the activities you love?

We provide 1:1 care for the full hour visit. You'll be taken through your individualized plan of care by a doctor at every visit. 

We value your time. You'll be seen on time, every time. 

We promise to educate you. Our experts give you the knowledge to take an active role in your life.

Meet the Doctors 


Dr. Norah Whitten

Dr. Norah is not only a physical therapist, but also athlete, coach and mom.  Since graduating with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Duke University Norah has specialized in working with an active population. She believes that everyone deserves to live a healthy, active life, without the use of injections, pain medications or unnecessary surgeries. She is passionate about empowering her patients to own their movement and giving them the tools they need to live long, pain free lives!

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Dr. JJ Hurst

Dr. JJ is a physical therapist, dancer, long distance runner, lifter, and avid adventurer. JJ grew up as a competitive rower, and fell in love with dancing in college. JJ's background as an athlete and a dancer is what makes JJ truly believe that movement is medicine and loves how movement allows freedom of expression and self. JJ's movement training also includes Kettlebells, acrobat training, AcroYoga, and barbell lifting. 

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